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Wedding Saving Tips, from a 2023 Bride

When it comes to your wedding, it seems like everyone has an opinion! Here are my top five tips for saving on your wedding!

  1. START with a budget! Then RESEARCH! Determine what is important to you and spend your money there.

When you get engaged, you'll immediately want to look at wedding

venues, wedding dresses, and start adding to your Pinterest board and

while you will need to do all of those things, the FIRST thing you need to

do is establish a budget. Figure out what you have to work with,

comfortably, and THEN start your search. You don't want to fall in love with

a $5,000 venue if your budget is only going to be $2,000.

Pencil in some contingency money and then put that money out of mind.

Pretend you don't have it until you absolutely need it, because you will

need it for something and you don't want to push yourself over budget

and add to your stress.

Determine what is important to you and use those wants/needs to create

your budget. For our wedding photography and videography were both

very important to me. I spoke with over 15 videographers before booking

our vendor because I had specific requests and want to capture the

reactions, the laughs and the special moments we have planned. That

means we will likely make cuts elsewhere to afford the best videographer I

could find.

2. Plan to have a longer engagement and give yourself TIME to SAVE.

Our engagement will be roughly 28 months and while we would have

gotten married in October 2022 if our venue wasn't already booked, I am

SO glad we ended up with extra time. #1 because the time itself is so

helpful and #2 because it is giving us time to spread out the cost of our

wedding and not feel so overwhelmed. There's nothing wrong with a long

engagement, if it works for you.

3. You don't HAVE to...

I see SO many posts in wedding groups online "Do I have to [xyz]...".

Unpopular opinion - you don't HAVE to do anything! It is YOUR and your

fiance's wedding day and no friend, family member, vendor, etc. should be

telling you that you HAVE to do something. You don't HAVE to give out

favors, you don't HAVE to invite friends you haven't spoken to in years, you

don't HAVE to invite every coworker you don't even hang out with outside

of work.

4. Lock in prices, but be sure to read clauses referencing inflation or price adjustments.

The rental rate for our venue has increased by $600 since we booked it 12

months ago. While the venue should be the first thing you book, if we had

waited because we had a long engagement, we'd be spending another

$600. Where possible, lock in prices now and be sure to read all of your

contracts to ensure there are no hidden price hikes written in, before your

sign. While the cost of business is certainly increasing for vendors, it is hard

to budget for a potential hike when you have no idea how much that

could be. If an inflation clause exists for 5%, budget that contract at 105%

so you're extra safe!

5. Without spending money you don't have, maximize credit card rewards!

While not all vendors will accept credit cards, and carrying a balance when

you have the cash isn't the best idea, I absolutely encourage you to utilize a

credit card to gain the rewards and then pay off your balance! Strategically

using the right cards on the right purchases, during increased cash back

periods, I've created over $1,000 in rewards for myself already! That money

could be used on other wedding purchases or saved for your honeymoon!

If you don't have a card and are considering getting one, be sure to

research the best option for you! Cash back, miles, hotel points, etc. Get the

card that gives the best rewards with the greatest benefit for YOU!

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