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Discussions You Should Have Before Tying The Knot!

Debt, kids, religious beliefs - there's so many important discussions that you should have BEFORE tying the knot! We've partnered with Modern Legal set our couples up for success when it comes to these conversations! Read below to learn more about these important topics and how Modern Legal can be a huge help BEFORE the big day!

Tell us about Modern Legal and what you offer? 

Modern Legal provides legal counseling and representation in family law matters in North Carolina and South Carolina. This includes spousal agreements (such as the prenuptial or premarital agreement), child custody, child support, spousal support, property, and other related matters. We help turn confusion into confidence, helplessness into empowerment, and frustration into action. Check out their blog: Advice before the Wedding Day

What sets you apart from other firms? 

One of our primary goals is to educate and empower our clients and community about legal rights and issues that may arise, in particular as it relates to marriage and the family. And if someone finds that they may need us, we are here to provide legal representation services or mediation/arbitration services. Check out these resources for more info:

What are some important discussions that a couple should have before getting married? 

Check out the Modern Legal Handbook on Items to discuss before the wedding day. We also recommend attending our Virtual Prenup Lunch and Learn hosted the 2nd Tuesday of each month. 

Do you have advice for couples working through these topics? 

The best piece of advice is to not be afraid to have the "prenup" discussion. From there, the two future spouses can determine if they want a prenup to define certain legal rights both during the marital relationship and in the event of a separation/divorce (instead of the government). It is critical for any couple to enter a marriage fully informed of the legal implications. 


How can Modern Legal help our couples be set for a successful, healthy partnership? 

By having the "prenup" discussion, couples engage in a process of talking about the tricky stuff before the wedding date. This provides the ability to build a stronger foundation upon which a healthy marriage can be built. 


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