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PRIME DAY: Our favorite neon sign is under $100!

Neon signs are a huge trend and became super popular for weddings in recent years. With popularity comes LOTS of vendors but not all produce a quality product. We've ordered a few for bridal shows and some came so poorly assembled that I had to fight for a refund. This sign however, was GREAT quality and super affordable! The shipping time isn't bad at all, you have LOTS of font options and with a 22% off clickable coupon today, you can grab a 32" sign with the dimmer remote for under $100!

PRO TIP: If you're using specific wedding fonts, scroll further down the listing page and they just might have your font as an option! I was so excited to order our wedding sign today with this deal and was able to do so in our script font!

PRO TIP 2.0: Order something you can repurpose in your home after the wedding! Use "The Smiths" and hang your sign over a gallery wall of wedding portraits.

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