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Floral Preservation

The Passion Pour

Your flowers are such a special and beautiful part of your big day! Why not keep them forever?! The Passion Pour preserves your actual wedding florals and casts them into beautiful keepsakes to enjoy for years to come! Give your bouquet its own happily ever after!

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Live Painting

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Kate Stewart Fine Art

Kate Stewart is a Live Wedding Painter and professional artist of 12 years. Her paintings capture a moment in time, from a couple saying their vows to their first dance as newlyweds. Wedding guests watch as the painting comes to life in just a few hours during the wedding and at the end of the day the couple is left with a colorful impressionist painting.  These moments captured in paint become a treasured keepsake for the couple to remember one of the greatest days of their life. With the opportunity to create meaningful work like this, Kate can truly say she loves what she does. 

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